Celebrating Deloitte 2019 Impact Day

PeerForward was honored to participate in the 20th annual Deloitte Impact Day June 7, when professionals from Deloitte volunteer with nonprofits across the country to make an impact and contribute to meaningful causes in their community. PeerForward has benefitted from Deloitte Impact Day volunteers for the past ten and as well as from skilled pro bono projects that Deloitte has contributed to our work since 2006.

This year, PeerForward hosted Impact Day events at three locations: Hunter College in NYC, Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va., and the PeerForward office in Washington, D.C. Each event had separate tracks for high school Peer Leaders and PeerForward alumni who will work at Summer Workshops.

On the Peer Leader track, Deloitte volunteers aimed to help rising senior Peer Leaders learn more about the college admissions process and gain more knowledge about what to look for when selecting their future college. In “Create Your Own University,” Peer Leaders thought through the different characteristics, programs, and admissions requirements their ideal university would have. During a speed mentoring session, Deloitte volunteers rotated among tables with students to share their personal college and career journeys, offering advice for students nervous about college, unsure of what they want to study, or overwhelmed by the admissions process. Over at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Deloitte volunteers represented their alma matters in a mock college fair representing more than 15 colleges. Students had the opportunity to explore a variety schools, ask questions, and get personalized advice while walking booth-to-booth and picking up informational handouts.

On the PeerForward Alumni track, Deloitte volunteers ran sessions for alumni gearing up to work on the operations team at PeerForward’s transformational Summer Workshops on how to work cohesively as a team. Alumni received professional development on team dynamics; building their personal and team brand; and maintaining self-care in a high-stress, fast-paced environment. Alumni came away from the sessions with valuable lessons to apply both at Summer Workshops and their individual school and workplaces.

We would like to thank all the Deloitte volunteers that made this Impact Day a great success, and look forward to many more to come!

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