Second Cohort of Coaches-in-Training Begin their Journey  On April 11, PeerForward officially ushered in a new cohort of Coaches-in-Training, marking our second year of recruiting a group of promising young leaders to continue their journey with us as futurePeerForward Coaches. The following six PeerForward alumni comprise our newest Coaches-in-Training cohort:  Aloysia "AJ" Jean  Baja Poawui  Brayan Murguia  Jenadra Harvey  Lisseth Velasquez  Phillips Percy  With...

[caption id="attachment_6970" align="alignright" width="557"] Andrew Shue (left) moderating a panel of PeerForward alumni Moises Urena, Kamara Grenardo, and Siri Rocio (from left to right.)[/caption] Our PeerForward family of students, alumni, educators and staff gathered Tuesday, October 16, with nearly 200 supporters at the InterContinental Barclay in New...

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