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Alumni Spotlight: Jordan Dunston


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PeerForward Alumni like Jordan Dunston carry the flame of a Peer Leader long after their workshop. This week, our Alumni Spotlight is on Jordan, who is using his knowledge gained from his experience as a Peer Leader to help other students achieve post-secondary success.  


A young man standing in front of a building with the sign "Graves Hall" above it.
Jordan Dunston standing in front of Graves Hall at Morehouse College.

Jordan Dunston, an Oxon Hill High School graduate, attended his Peer Leader workshop in 2021 at Charles H. Flowers High School. Jordan is now a member of the class of 2026 at Morehouse College, which is one of the nation’s most prestigious HBCUs. It is there that he is pursuing a major in Physics and a minor in Mathematics. We caught up with him to discuss his first year of college and what influenced his decision to come back and serve as a PeerForward Alumni. 




What’s been the most rewarding part of attending your college/university? 

The most rewarding part of going to Morehouse College is its access to various networks. No matter the major, Morehouse has faculty, alumni, a business partner, or a member of the staff ready to give you a chance. Additionally, the sense of family that comes with being a student is also very rewarding. Whether it be your fellow Morehouse brothers, Spelman siblings, CAU cousins, or other institutions in the Atlanta University Center Consortium, we all come together to form one big family. 

How did PeerForward change your perspective of college? 

PeerForward made me realize how subjective and ever-changing the college admissions process is. Before the workshops, I thought that the resume you built during your high school tenure and your SAT/ACT score were the sole determining factor for college admissions and scholarships. However, completing the workshops and being a team captain taught me that that was far from the truth. 

A young man holding a brick that read "MC" facing towards the camera.
Jordan Dunston with a Morehouse College brick.

How have you been a positive influence on your peers in college? 

Throughout my first year of college, I have developed a reputation for being knowledgeable and dependable. Primarily, people have come to me for advice about major changes, finding internship opportunities, and homework help. 



Some responses have been edited for length and clarity