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Alumni Spotlight: Dawit Amare


PeerForward Alumni, Dawit Aware
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At PeerForward, we want every student to reach their college and career potential. We love to celebrate our alumni reaching their postsecondary goals. 

PeerForward Alumni, Dawit Aware
Dawit Amare, Radford University ’22

Alum Dawit Amare graduated from Radford University with a degree in Public Relations and a concentration in Communications Studies in 2022! He attended his workshop in 2017 and served as a Peer Leader at Columbia Heights Education Campus. In 2019, he returned to serve on our Alumni Support Team at Washington College supporting leadership training for more than 100 Peer Leaders from his community. We reached out to him to discuss his college experience and his decision to come back to PeerForward as an Alumni.  

What does it mean to you to earn this degree? 

Earning this degree showed me that, no matter my circumstances and the environment I grew up in if I put my mind to something I can do it.  




What role did PeerForward play in your journey to and through college?

PeerForward gave me motivation at a young age. It showed me that there are people who look like me that can achieve greatness.  

PeerForward Alumni Dawit Amare
Dawit Amare, 2021 Charles H. Flowers Workshop

Why did you choose to serve as a PeerForward Alumni? 

Service is the greatest form of appreciation. It has made me realize that no matter where I come from or where I am going, giving back is what really matters. Giving back to the young leaders of tomorrow is more important to me than any of my other accomplishments.  



What was the biggest obstacle to your postsecondary education and how did you overcome it? 

Battling feelings of fear and uncertainty in my ability to finish my degree despite the investment I made in my education was the biggest obstacle I faced, especially as an underprivileged student. I overcame my self-doubt by keeping my heart and mind on the same path to becoming successful.  




Responses have been edited for clarity.  

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