Giovanni Mentor

Coming from Haiti, my family was not familiar with things like FAFSA or college applications. With the help of College Summit, I began the college application process – but then hit a large roadblock. When I took my first application home to my grandmother, she told me the devastating truth that I was undocumented. After countless meetings with lawyers and immigration officials, I found out I needed to go back to Haiti before I could re-enter the United States as a permanent resident.

After two difficult months, I was approved to come back to the United States and start my senior year. I got more involved with College Summit and became a Peer Leader to help others realize their potential and apply to college.

I’ve gone from a freshman in high school with no plans to attend college to a college graduate who has worked in Washington, D.C., and is now working to obtain a J.D. degree. College Summit was more than a program that helped me go to college – it was a community of support that completely changed my life.