Cornelius Williams
I had no aspiration to go to college. I was cutting yards and worked on some big contracts with my dad. College just didn’t seem worth it to me. Like, what was I going to do there?

Then my best friend, Ashley R. Daniels, became a Peer Leader. She came back from her workshop talking about how College Summit helped her with applications, personal statements and financial aid.

She literally sat me in front of my computer and helped me fill out an application for the University of South Florida. She even said if I got in she would go there with me. Knowing Ashley would be there too really determined my acceptance.

I got my BA in 2014 and immediately went off to volunteer with College Summit. At every workshop, I say to Peer Leaders: “I am a product of College Summit.” I say that not because I was in the program, but because I am the ripple effect.

Ashley changed my whole perspective. She understood my true value and what I could achieve if I put my mind to it. That’s why I come back and serve.