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PeerForward Teams Make Final Push for Early FAFSA Completion

The earlier students file the FAFSA, the more federal aid is available to be them. Further, research shows that filing the FAFSA early increases a student’s likelihood of college enrollment by 50%.  That’s why PeerForward teams work hard to encourage peers to complete the FAFSA before March 1, an early... Read More

PeerForward Teams Ignite Campaigns to Increase Career Awareness

Students who make a connection between going to college and achieving career goals are six times more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree, according to research by the Bridgespan Group. That’s why our Peer Leaders are going the extra mile to make sure their peers know the wealth of career... Read More

Mid-Year Reviews Showing Positive Results at PeerForward Schools

Follyvi Dossa (L), Moses Matos (C), Patrick Brito (R), Peer Leaders at Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change in NYC. At PeerForward schools across the country, mid-year reviews are underway. These in-depth reviews are a time for Coaches, Advisors, Principals, and Peer Leaders to gather and reflect... Read More

Showing (stylishly) the way to success!

Peer Leaders at Lake Marion High School in Santee, South Carolina are gearing up their peers for postsecondary success with an extra, stylish flair. Before parting for holiday break, this PeerForward team hosted “Fashion Forward,” a fashion and talent show where students showcased professional wear for the careers they... Read More

Northeast HS Peer Leaders Use Creative Videos to Boost Their Campaigns

The PeerForward team at Northeast High School in Philadelphia, Pa. is building the movement with creative new videos to boost their college-going campaigns in their high school. We spoke with the team’s Co-Social Media Manager, Peer Leader Jerry Noel, to hear more about their latest video’s inspiration and production.  ... Read More

Announcing the Build the Movement Challenge Winners

Every movement needs an audience to share and spread its message. The same goes for the PeerForward Movement our Peer Leaders are working hard to build in each of our partner schools.    That’s why, during the month of October, PeerForward ran the Build the Movement Challenge, a social media contest exclusively for PeerForward teams... Read More

Fall Training Camps are underway!

Across the country, PeerForward teams have been convening for Fall Training Camps! This is a time for Peer Leaders to come together with other teams, Advisors, and Coaches to continue prepping their college-going campaigns and engage in team-building exercises. By learning more about team dynamics and collectively working through... Read More

PeerForward Teams Kick-off the New School Year Strong!

Lake Wales High School Peer Leaders with Coach Cornelius Williams excited for their goal-setting meeting PeerForward teams have hit the ground running as the new school year begins across the country! Coaches and Peer Leaders have already begun convening for goal-setting meetings to start planning... Read More

Not Even a Hurricane Could Stop this PeerForward Team

Rituals define a school. In the mornings at Lake Wales High School, their entire school, grades 9-12, gathers in their gym where they forge their community through presentations and multi-media and in-person performances. It is the major platform for the Lake Wales PeerForward team to stage their college-going campaigns,... Read More

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