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Northeast HS Peer Leaders Use Creative Videos to Boost Their Campaigns

The PeerForward team at Northeast High School in Philadelphia, Pa. is building the movement with creative new videos to boost their college-going campaigns in their high school. We spoke with the team’s Co-Social Media Manager, Peer Leader Jerry Noel, to hear more about their latest video’s inspiration and production.  ... Read More

Peer Leader Named PGCPS Scholar of the Week

Peer Leader, Daelyn Waters, from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Prince George’s County, Maryland was recently named Scholar of the Week in her school district! Read about what makes this Peer Leader so exceptional in her spotlight on the Prince George’s County Public Schools’ website... Read More

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Meet Olawunmi: Peer Leader Racks Up Acceptances

Congratulations to Peer Leader Olawunmi Akinlemibola at Duval High School in Prince George’s County! Olawunmi has been accepted to more than 14 schools, including Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Duke and the University of Pennsylvania. Now, college planning, she’s busy deciding which school to attend. Olawunmi is... Read More

Meet Izzy: Of Peers and Pirouettes

Next fall, Izzy, a senior and Peer Leader at Lake Wales Charter High School, is heading to Randolph-Macon College in Virginia. She earned a tennis scholarship and looks forward to the student-athlete life, but she very nearly went in another direction. Dance was Izzy’s first... Read More

Cornelius, a PeerForward advocate
Meet Cornelius: I’m Living Proof

Imagine a still lake on a sunny day. A single drop of rain hits the water’s surface and ripples begin to appear. I am a ripple. On Aug. 24, 2009, a friend changed the course of my life. As senior year in high school loomed... Read More

Dendy, first-generation college student
Meet Greg: What First-Generation College Students Want

College Summit alumnus, Gregory Dendy of Washington, D.C., shares his experience as a first-generation college student with The Atlantic. Gregory finds the role of leader quite comfortable; he is planning on being the U.S. Attorney General someday. Read More

Peerfoward Alumna Hannah Pauley
Meet Hannah: Neither of My Parents Went to College

Neither of my parents went to college. My dad pretty much worked his fingers to the bone making a life for me and my siblings. But in the last month of my sophomore year, he died suddenly from a heart attack. I decided not to... Read More

Alumnus Giovanni Mentor
Meet Giovanni: Overcoming Roadblocks to Get to College

Coming from Haiti, my family was not familiar with things like FAFSA or college applications. With the help of College Summit, I began the college application process – but then hit a large roadblock. When I took my first application home to my grandmother, she told me the devastating truth that I was undocumented. Read More

Alumna Shantae J. Edwards
Meet Shantae: Because of PeerForward, I Felt Like an Expert

PeerForward alumni have followed many career paths and found much success. Here, Shantae J. Edwards shares her journey. When did you become a part of PeerForward?  I kicked off my PeerForward journey in the Summer of 2002 at Loyola-Columbia University in Chicago. I was able to attend... Read More

PeerForward Alum
Moises Urena

PeerForward Summer Workshop 2018

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