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summer volunteer
Summer Volunteer Hannah Tall

“Being a summer volunteer with PeerForward isn’t something you do once and forget about it. It’s a movement that you’re now part of, that you’ve made your mark on and you walk away feeling valuable and loved,” says regular summer workshop volunteer Hannah Tall. Tall, a... Read More

peer advocate
WV Lincoln County High School Peer Advocacy

The PeerForward team at Lincoln County High School in West Virginia has been trained to self-advocate and to advocate for others. Recently, the team put together an engaging video they presented to school administration to make the case to continue PeerForward, which has been successful... Read More

community leader
In Appreciation: Eugene Lang

PeerForward notes with great respect the passing of Eugene Lang, an investor who made a spontaneous promise to students in a Harlem school to pay for their college education. “Mr. Lang blazed a trail for committed community leaders to connect with, and make a difference... Read More

summer workshops
Volunteer Joseph Tavares

College Summit Volunteer Joseph Tavares recently shared why he travels from his work base of Jakarta, Indonesia to donate his time and talents assisting College Summit summer workshops each year. Tell us about your personal college journey. “My grandparents immigrated from the Cape Verde Islands... Read More

Volunteer Kevin Naiker
Volunteer Kevin Naiker

Meet Kevin Naiker, Director of College Coaching who went from anti-Apartheid activist to college access educator, now teaching at Howard Community College. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, during the Apartheid era. Education was considered a luxury for African Americans. Certainly not a... Read More

Teens from confluence academy
Partner School Confluence Preparatory Academy

This summer, four seniors from Confluence Preparatory Academy traveled to Baltimore, Maryland, with their College Summit teacher, Haley Brueck, for a PeerForward leadership workshop they’ll never forget. PeerForward is an organization dedicated to transforming the lives of today’s youth by connecting them to college and... Read More

Spotlight: PeerForward Coach Quincy Jones
PeerForward Coach Quincy Jones

Do you have a nickname? If so where does it come from? Yes my friends call me Q which is just short for Quincy.  Where did you grow up? Tell me about what that was like? I grew up in Cincinnati, OH, which was a very... Read More

Program Evaluation Manager Maggie Morrow
Program Evaluation Manager Maggie Morrow

Do you have a nickname? My legal name is Maggie. Maggie is usually short for Margaret – but not in my case. I don’t have a nickname.  Where did you grow up? I grew up on a cattle ranch in northeastern New Mexico. My high... Read More

Spotlight: Volunteer Satra Sampson-Arokium
Volunteer Satra Sampson-Arokium

Meet Satra Sampson-Arokium, celebrating her 10th year as a PeerForward volunteer, currently serving as a Writing Coach Coordinator in the Connecticut Region. Her motto is: “Don’t give up. Continue to reach beyond the sky. Obstacles may come your way, but just keep fighting.” I am... Read More

Volunteer Robert Scholl
Volunteer Robert Scholl

Meet Robert Scholl, West Virginia native and retired college admissions professional who is celebrating 11 years as a volunteer for PeerForward! He currently serves as a Director of College Coaching.  I am a product of the coal industry. My grandfather came to West Virginia to... Read More

Volunteer Julia Brown
Volunteer Julia Brown

Meet Julia Brown, high school chorus teacher in Columbia, SC who started as a Chaperone, turned into a Writing Coach, Writing Coach Coordinator, and then watched her own son become a Peer Leader. Every year at workshops she tells her students: “When you got here... Read More

PeerForward Alum
Moises Urena

PeerForward Summer Workshop 2018

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