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Gary Z. Linnen to lead PeerForward as new CEO

PeerForward is pleased to announce long-time leader in the organization, Gary Z. Linnen, will become its new Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Linnen, currently serving as Managing Director for Program Operations and Innovation, will be responsible for leading PeerForward as it creates new ways to scale... Read More

Moving Forward with Peer Leadership

By any measure, this past month has been monumental for our organization. We changed our name to PeerForward. We co-hosted with Facebook Education a first-of-its-kind convening of youth activators, educators, nonprofit leaders, and researchers at Facebook headquarters. And we began to see fantastic  year-end results... Read More

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Study Proves the Power of Peer Influence with PeerForward

For decades, progress toward closing the gap in higher education achievement between high-income and low-income students has practically been nil. At PeerForward, we believe students in low-income communities can change that. Student leadership is the solution. When systems serving youth adopt this mindset, the world... Read More

Why do our peer leaders care so much?

I get asked all the time: Do you pay your Peer Leaders? The answer is not only “No” but also “And they never ask to be paid.” This perplexes most people: “You mean to tell me you ask rising high school seniors to leave their... Read More

Miles Davis
Picking Up the Beat from Peers

I just saw Miles Ahead, Don Cheadle’s film about Miles Davis. Notes and chords and rhythm are the building blocks of a piece of music, and a great jazz composition deconstructs them, rearranges them, spreads them out, slows them down, and speeds them up. Sort... Read More

Two people at a college summit event
Compassion and College Access

This past summer, PeerForward trained 110 teams of high school juniors and seniors from public schools from around the country to coach the rest of their classmates to navigate their way to higher education. They do this by creating teams at their school and driving,... Read More

A Theory of Justice
What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Justice?

Is our current system of education just? In the school reform world, we use and hear the phrase “social justice” all the time, but what does it mean? What are we talking about when we talk about justice within the framework of how we educate... Read More

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Power of Peer Leaders

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College Summit is now PeerForward!

We’ve changed our name, but our mission and values are the same. After two decades of leveraging peer influence to guide more students to higher education, we’ve adopted a name that reflects the power of youth activation. Read more