This summer, PeerForward is collaborating with Opportunity Network and Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher Initiative to provide our newest alumni with the resources they need to Level Up from a high school graduate to a college student and/or young professional. Check back weekly for more links, tips, and content to support you and your peers.

Beating the Odds

Did you know that up to a third of college-bound freshmen never make it to their first day of college? This week, Beat the Odds with some key enrollment steps to set you and your peers on the path for a successful college transition.


College is an expensive investment, but it doesn’t have to leave you drowning in debt. This week, we cover budgeting, financial literacy, FAFSA verification, and how to appeal to your financial aid office for more money.

Going Virtual

Starting college online is probably not how you dreamed of starting freshman year, but nothing will stand in the way of your success! This week, we share tips for transitioning to online learning.

PeerForward, Opportunity Network, and Reach Higher give their special thanks to Deloitte for their support of the Level Up campaign.

A+ College Knowledge

Start college off right with this trove of A+ college knowledge. Discover your learning style and build skills in studying and time management.

Creating Connections

Online learning doesn’t have to be isolating. While in-person events are a no-go, there are plenty of opportunities to create connections with other students online.

Beating the Odds Pt.2

Stay on track this semester by getting to know the different supports and resources available to you at your college. Add in the right mindset and you’re primed for success.

Keep Building the #PeerForward Movement Online!

Virtual plays, podcasts, graphics, and more to support your peers online!

March 31 – April 4

This week you’ll find a virtual play to support your peers, four social media posts, and our very first Perfect Play podcast titled “Leadership Through Adversity.”
Check back next week for more!

April 6-10

One of the most exciting (and possibly nerve-racking) times as a senior is getting that “Award Letter” from that college/university that you have been accepted too! Now what? Check out this week’s virtual play and tips to share. BONUS! Perfect Play Podcast,“It’s All About the Benjamins” unlocking secrets to your FinAid letter!

April 13-17

What postsecondary lifestyle is for you? Let’s find out in this week’s virtual play. It’s also time to make some lists. Share these social media posts with your peers to help them begin their college lists.

Special Feature

Our campaign, Moving Forward, celebrates YOU taking the time and work to make a final decision in your postsecondary plan We want to hear how the Class of 2020 is using each day to build a better future, in their own words. Download our Moving Forward photo and tell us your postsecondary plan by decorating it! Send your decorated Moving Forward photo and a picture of yourself to your Coach by April 30th.

April 20-24

In this weeks collection, see how PeerForward and RoadTrip Nation can help you find your
“final destination” on your postsecondary path!

April 27 – May 1

In school, what sets you apart from your peers? This week is all about resume writing and exploring career interests. See how PeerForward and RoadTrip Nation can help you find your “final destination” on your postsecondary path!

May 4-8

Our play this week, #26 Career Survey! It is never too early to start thinking about plans after high school. In addition, check out this week’s virtual play “The Perfect Play – Perfecting Persistence.”

May 11-15

Are you ready to get hired for that summer job? Internship? Apprenticeship? Want to brush up on your interview skills? In this week’s Play #28, learn how to master the skills needed during a professional interview.

May 18-22

In Play #22, create your own budget for college, and living your best life moving ahead! Meanwhile, take the song challenge and share what music inspired you through the year.

May 25-29

Post-Grad Glow! Check out this week’s podcast on how to make your next move, your BEST MOVE! And… don’t forget to be creative with Play #24, Creating a Vision Board!

June 1-5

You made it! Your PeerForward family is so proud of you. As we head into summer, please know that we are here to support you. Stay tuned for our season finale podcast, and look out for some new resources in the fall!

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