Fahim Mohammad
I am a people’s person by nature; but never in the eyes of a teacher during class time. I’d ask questions that, according to the teacher, were untimely or pointed out a wrongdoing on the teacher’s part. Being outspoken would usually land me right outside the class in the hallway or suspended – often without explanation.

College Summit harnessed my outspokenness and helped me see how I could use it to my advantage. They got me.

Last year, I had the opportunity to speak at the White House’s Datapalooza event. After sharing my story at workshop and presenting with Keith, I thought to myself, “Hey self! I like this being on stage stuff, maybe I should be in the next school play?” Sure enough I landed lead roles in the first two plays I auditioned for. Not only did I begin acting, I continued to be a full-time starter on our nationally ranked football team at Friendship Collegiate Academy, joined the robotics team, and placed 1st in our local STEM Fair for Engineering.

Last year, College Summit CEO Keith Frome invited me with him to speak at the White House’s Education Datapalooza. That would have never happened without College Summit.