Daisha Overstreet Alumni WV 2
Daisha Overstreet
College Summit helped me break down the obstacles that I tend to build for myself. I struggled with financial problems, so when I was accepted to Kent State, I was unable to afford most of the tuition. Thanks to the advocacy skills I gained at my summer workshop, I was able to fight for scholarships that would carry me through graduation.

I told all my friends to go to college. Whether you attend a four-year university or 2-year vocational program, the kinds of people you will meet, the work you will do, the knowledge you will gain, and the person you will become is reason enough.

While I’m still exploring career options post-graduation, I’m loving my classes in Human Sexuality and Pan-African Studies. I hope to influence and impact people on their own journeys and endeavors, in the same way College Summit has continued to support me. I have a passion for spreading love and truth to anyone that passes my way. I want others to know their possibilities are endless, but one must get past the social constructs and institutions to realize this.