Ayont Young Alumni MO

Ayont Young

I ended up being the only one from my high school at my summer workshop – so I really had to take initiative. I ended up coming back and spending most of my senior year helping my classmates write essays, research financial aid and apply to a variety of schools. I told them “College is a privilege that some don’t get. We have an opportunity to go. Let’s take it.”

College Summit is the entire reason I am at the University of Pennsylvania right now. They made me realize that I had more options than I gave myself credit for. Once I realized this, I started to apply to more challenging schools and scholarships. As it turns out, I didn’t need the scholarships because my university awarded me full financial aid.

After getting my Bachelors of Science in Nursing and passing the NCLEX, I plan on applying to a Nursing Practitioner program. I want to work in a field where nurses are underrepresented, such as psychiatrics, geriatrics, and oncology.

Through all of this, I always had my College Summit family as a support system.