Avery Carter
On the first day of my workshop, I really didn’t know why I was there. As the days went on I became more adjusted and by day four I simply did not want to leave.

I ended up graduating from high school as valedictorian, president of the student government association and even prom king!

I guided a lot of my classmates through the process of applying to college. I remember one guy who had major anger issues. I told him that if he wants to make it in life he has to calm down. “People are here to help you not hurt you. You just have to push through it, at the end of the day.” I felt so proud watching him graduate.

I’m currently at Allegany College in Maryland majoring in psychology. After graduating I plan to go to Bowie State and get my Masters in Sports Management and Psychology. Then off to get my doctorate! I love College Summit. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.