Natalie Ramirez
One week before my College Summit workshop my dad kicked me out of the house.

Even though I had so much on my mind, I was determined to focus on my College Summit workshop. It was such a powerful time for me to talk about my family. When I heard examples of personal statements I thought “I can’t do that.” I didn’t want to make people cry, make them feel sorry for me. But that’s not what it was. I was owning my story. College Summit gave me the outlet I needed. I didn’t know I had this in me.

Now I’m on top of all my classmates. They say “you’re so hyped about this!” and I say “yeah guys we’re all going to college!”

I’m not going to hold a grudge. I don’t want him thinking I hold a grudge against him because I don’t. I’ve come so far I’m not just going to throw it all away. I’m going to get my bachelors and make my mom proud.