Aloysia Jean NCR
Aloysia Jean
I never talked about college with my friends and my mom was entirely too busy with work to help, so College Summit was definitely an experience I was ready for.

My team of Peer Leaders were trailblazers – we were the first team in my high school. We used our free class periods to sit in our counselor’s office and offer guidance to any student who needed it. It wasn’t unusual to have Peer Leaders stay after school to help others. It was incredibly rewarding to see my peers go through the same transformation I experienced at my workshop.

When I left for Georgetown University, my life at home became pretty unstable. My mother was in an accident that left her unable to work, so we relied on my sister for everything. Not being at home to help made me feel like my life was falling apart underneath me. I thought about what I had learned at my workshop – to stay strong and seek out support. I reminded myself that I deserved a higher education.

After graduating, I would love to work on community-driven projects. I want to continue working with students who have amazing potential, but haven’t unleashed it yet.